St. Paul’s Christian School

An outreach ministry of our church, St. Paul’s Christian School is committed to the developmental needs of children, and encourages growth in all areas: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. We believe play is the work of children and the foundation of a good school and we recognize its value for all children.  We strive to provide each child with a foundation which furthers learning and where a maturing faith can grow. 

St. Paul’s Christian School is accredited by the United Methodist Association of Preschools and offers classes for two-year-olds through Advanced K-4. Our school is a happy place where a child will learn to live, work and play with other children of his/her own age. Our classes stress learning through play and socialization through a wealth of “hands on” activities. Time for art, music, outdoor play, story time and group activities are part of each day’s program. We consider our students to be “gifts from God” that are temporarily in our care. We strive to make a difference in their lives and impress upon them that who they are makes a difference.
For more information about St. Paul’s Christian School visit our website at or contact the School Director, Kelly Hall, at
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