Come & Hear


Happy Easter Everyone!

As we come to the sixth Sunday in the Easter season, we read from Psalm 66:8-20 and 1 Peter 3:13-22.  Psalm 66 is an epic Psalm that has some interesting twists to it, such as the Psalmist praising God for some pretty difficult times.  Also, Peter encourages the recipients of his letter to use the difficulties they experience to increase their faith and re-orient their perspective.  The good things we encounter are just a much a test of our faith as are the negative things. Will we continue to honor God in this time of good fortune? Will we be humble when the applause comes? Will we be faithful when we move to the top floor? Life is a test of faith.

Our calling as followers of Christ is not just to keep ourselves on the path, but to invite others to walk the same path we walk – to invite others to praise God and “come and hear” the good news of salvation!

Sunday’s Service—if you log in to your Google/YouTube account about 10-15 minutes early, you will be able to easily access the chat and fellowship through the YouTube premier page both before and during the service. Find the premier page on our YouTube channel at: 5/17/20 Online Service.  The premier page will be active from the moment the video is uploaded, so you can practice any time this weekend!

We have introductions to both our SPKidz Church and iClub lessons on our YouTube channel. After you watch the introductions to the lesson, be sure to download the packet with discussion questions and activities to do at home!

We will also have a special lesson and learning for our iClub at 10:00 on Sundays, just as we would if we were together!  You will be able to access this through Zoom, which is an online conferencing tool. Contact Kraig by email for directions on how to access this.

Check our YouTube channel for the SPKidz & iClub Video introductions: St. Paul’s YouTube

SPKidz Packet

iClub Packet


The Youth will be meeting and doing a lesson on Sunday evening at 5:30pm using the Zoom online conferencing tool. Contact Kraig by email for directions on how to access this if you are interested.


We so appreciate you keeping connected with us as we navigate these rough times for everyone. Please contact the church office by email at or by phone at 352-694-2161 if you have any questions or need any help.  While office hours are limited, someone will receive your message and get back to you as soon as possible.