COVID-19 Updates

Updated COVID-19 Guidelines:
Updated October 20, 2021
Updated Covid-19 Guidelines for St. Paul’s UMC, Ocala
From the Trustees Committee


Based on the current status of Covid-19 infections in Marion County and the Current CDC Guidelines,

recommendations for St. Paul’s mitigation strategy are as follows:

1. Masks are optional both inside all buildings as well as outside

2. Do not crowd in rooms

3. A social distance and mask area will be maintained in the sanctuary

4. Hand washing/sanitizing should continue to be frequent and always before handling food

5. Kitchen will be open for use ; counters and touched surfaces must be sanitized after use

6. If food is available, it must be served…no buffet style of service

7. Tables will be sanitized after every use


These recommendations may be modified in the event of change in Covid-19 Status.