online giving
Clicking on the Online Giving button above (or at the bottom of the screen) will take you directly to a secure website where you will be able to make one-time or recurring donations to St. Paul’s from  a checking or savings account. 
•In the first field simply fill in a donation amount in the appropriate box.  You may choose to make a donation to General Operating (General Fund), Debt Retirement, or Apportionments.
•You may also make Other designated, one-time donations for other ministries in the church.
•For donations to Debt Retirement or Apportionments, you may include comments or instructions in the memo boxes immediately to the right of the contribution boxes.  For one-time donations to Other church ministries, a comment or instruction is required.
•After completing the donation amount and designation, you must indicate in the Donation Frequency drop-down box whether you intend the gift to be One Time, Weekly or Monthly.  You will not be able to advance to the next screen unless a choice is made in the Donation Frequency box.
•The Optional Field permits your donation to be made in honor or memory of another and the service will notify your honoree of your gift if you so choose.
•Press the Continue button at the bottom of the first screen to advance to the next screen. 
The second screen is for entry of your name, address and bank account information.
At the bottom of the second screen you will be given the option to create a Profile.  By clicking on the Select Password button, you will be able to create and account with the payment service that will enable you to change or stop a recurring donation at any time and will allow you to view and print your online donation history.
If you are uncomfortable creating  an online account on your own, you are welcome to come in to the church office where we will be happy to assist you in getting your online giving account set up.
online giving

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