Goodness: Our Spiritual Act of Worship

Happy Fifth Sunday of Easter!  

This week’s fruit of the Spirit is goodness, which can honestly seem kind of general, sort of a catch-all for anything the previous 8 descriptors leave out.  It’s like the “miscellaneous” category of good things.  The original Greek word agathos means to do good deeds, so it is an active verb, not a catch-all mushy word.  In other words, you know what this means: doing good, being good, having good character and good moral grounding.  Once again, not being THAT guy or woman.   

While this general word that means so much can seem rather normal, it is actually a great way to think about the goal of the Christian life.  We are to be good people, guided and loved by a good God who loves us and is saving us from our sin.  We’ll read Paul’s exhortation to the Romans, Chapter 12, verses 1-12 when he lists a myriad of ways we can be good to each other and good to the cause of Christ. 

Sunday’s In-Person Service at 10:30 –Our in-person, indoor worship is currently in the Sanctuary, starting at 10:30am.  Please go to our website to get the latest COVID-19 Update.  Masks are optional at worship, but there is still a section of pews in front of the sound booth reserved for those who wish to mask and keep a distance from others during worship. 

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