Learning An Important Lesson


Happy 9th Sunday of Pentecost!

As we worship this Sunday in-person* and online, we continue to study the story of the early church as they began to expand ministry and impact throughout the world.  This impact was especially felt when the Holy Spirit began doing something unthinkable – including people in the vast world of non-Jewish, or Gentile, people.  For thousands of years, Judaism had held the dormant promise of welcoming Gentile communities, but awaited God’s action to, in many leaders’ imaginations, have those nations come and acknowledge the righteousness of Judaism above all other peoples and religions.  Imagine the pearl-clutching horror of the early Christian community (all Jewish) when they began to realize that God was rushing ahead of them and that Jesus’s Good News of the Kingdom of God was reaching people who had not become Jewish yet!  All of their assumptions about the way God was supposed to work were being challenged, and we can learn a lot about God’s plan by watching God work in Acts, chapter 10.  Peter’s ministry to a “God-fearing” Gentile can also shed a lot of wisdom on God’s desire for our own reactions during these times of racial and ethnic strife.  Let’s open our minds, our hearts, and our Bibles as we worship God and learn from Peter!

The story in Acts 10 is a bit long, so I won’t read the whole thing in online worship.  Instead, let me recommend a great dramatic storytelling from the late folk storyteller Michael Williams at https://vimeo.com/262057300.  Watch this before or after the service for a great way to see the impact of this story in the Bible.

Sunday’s Online Service—If you log in to your Google/YouTube account about 10-15 minutes early, you will be able to easily access the chat and fellowship through the YouTube premier page both before and during the service. Find the premier page on our YouTube channel at: 8/2/20 Online Service.  The premier page will be active from the moment the video is uploaded, so you can practice any time this weekend!

Sunday’s In-Person Service – At 8am we will worship in the church courtyard (between the Fellowship Hall and the Sanctuary).  We will have communion at every 8am service.  Worshipers are asked to bring their own chairs or picnic blankets, face coverings, hand sanitizer, and Communion Elements (bread & grape juice) to each service.    

*Special Note: Please stay tuned to our website and social media pages for information about this Sunday’s service as Tropical Storm Isaias is forecast to approach the Florida coast.  If the 8am worship service is cancelled, we will announce it by Saturday evening via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on our website at spocala.org.

We have introductions to both our SPKidz Church and iClub lessons on our YouTube channel. After you watch the introductions to the lesson, be sure to download the packet with discussion questions and activities to do at home!

This week we have a special lesson and learning for our iClub at 9:45am on Sundays, just as we would if we were together!  You will be able to access this through Zoom, which is an online conferencing tool. Contact Kraig by email for directions on how to access this.

Check our YouTube channel for the SPKidz & iClub Video introductions: St. Paul’s YouTube

SPKidz Packet

iClub Packet


The Youth will be taking a break from regular meetings throughout the rest of the summer. Praise NG will be meeting in the Sanctuary on Sunday evening at 4:30pm as part of our re-launch plan approved by the trustees. Masks will be required!  Contact Kraig by email for more information if you are interested.


We so appreciate you keeping connected with us as we navigate these trying times for everyone. Please contact the church office by email at info@spocala.org or by phone at 352-694-2161 if you have any questions or need any help.  While office hours are limited, someone will receive your message and get back to you as soon as possible.