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Greetings to the people of St. Paul’s,

Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ! As we all know, we’re living in a much different world than the one we lived in during 2019. As a result, churches all over are trying to find ways to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in this new world in which we find ourselves. In our little corner, we’ve had to learn how to worship, serve, give, and even pray differently. The time has come to move forward in mission together, so what is God calling us to focus on now? You’ve heard this question and others like it raised in sermons series and Bible Studies since the pandemic started, and now is the time to discern God’s answer for us as a congregation. Please understand, we are only dealing with our mission and ministry as a local congregation, not the future of the UMC.

On September 12th, following an abbreviated worship service, there will be a facilitated conversation in the Fellowship Hall for those who can attend. During this time you’ll have lunch and spend about 2 hours discussing where God is leading St. Paul’s. During the week of September 12-19th, Zoom meetings will be offered for those who prefer a virtual setting. There will also be opportunities for people to submit their responses in writing. The information gathered will be presented to Church Council for recommendations. On October 3rd, we will have an Ice Cream Social after worship to celebrate the presentation of the report.
Before, during, and after this process, we ask everyone to be in prayer for St. Paul’s. Pray that we all hear God’s voice as we go through this process, just as King Solomon did on that night in Gibeon (1 Kings 3:3-14). Pray that we can all see the challenges of this new world open to new opportunities of sharing the Gospel with others. Here are some Bible verses on the purpose of the church with which to meditate as we go through this four-week conversation:

• Acts 2:42-47
• Acts 1:1-7
• Matthew 28:16-20
• Revelation 3:7-22

Soon you’ll receive more information about how you can be a part of this conversation. May God’s grace be with us as we journey through this process.

Rev. Robert Roseberry, Pastor Pam Michell, Chair of Church Council & Lay Leader