3:30pm, every Sunday between August 29th & October 3rd
in the St. Paul’s Fellowship Hall or on Facebook Live
Crazy years like 2020 and 2021 can get a lot of people talking about that strange book at the end of the Bible.  Ever wondered what it all means, and what to trust as you see interpretations of it?

Starting on August 29th, we’ll be introducing a new sermon series on the Book of Revelation.  Along with the sermon series, Robert will lead a weekly  study of the book using Bruce Metzger’s Breaking the Code: Understanding the Book of Revelation.  We’ll be using the new version of the book that has been revised and updated by David DeSilva. Here is a link to the book you need: Breaking the Code

This Bible Study will be both online and in-person, so you’re welcome to join us as we dive into this mysterious and disturbing book of the Bible.  Participants are responsible for purchasing their own book, but please let the church know if you need help with the cost of the materials.  Come and be a part of breaking the code with us!

This study will be available online as a part of the Living Room Church, which is an online “Fresh Expression” of church created here in the North Central District.  It is literally an online church, collaborating with people and pastors throughout the district who wanted to offer an online expression of church for people who might never come inside a building, especially during a pandemic.  So, in addition to being part of Living Room Church, it will also be broadcast on our Church Facebook page, just like we do on Sunday morning for worship!
In order to join online, just go to our Facebook page!  Here’s a direct link: Online Attendance Link