Sunday Morning Worship July 31st

This weekend, our family will be in Utah celebrating a wedding that involves a family dear to us. Both Nan and I will be busy as she will be the photographer and I will lead the service. As I have begun to collect my thoughts for the wedding homily I have been struck, yet again, by the reminder of God’s Grace at work in ways both seen and unseen.

For context, the bride was one of my students at a church I served previously. When I met her she was precocious and confident, while at the same time obnoxious and hyperactive. Did I mention she was in eighth grade? In the years following our time in ministry together she worked to maintain a relationship with her faith and her local church. She had and still has questions, frustrations, hopes and possibilities – as we all do.

As she became an adult and launched a career her connection to a family of faith was not often prioritized. As I have watched her mature, lead, love and serve others I can honestly say – the Grace of Jesus Christ is alive and well in her. She has grown into an incredible woman whose work makes a great impact on others. We have stayed in contact with her and are honored to be a part of her wedding celebration. But most of all, I am grateful that God’s Grace has always been, and will always be sufficient. This young lady’s journey thus far points me back to this truth.

Having gotten to know her and her fiancée, I can honestly say that their faith in God and one another is moving them into a space where there is a sincere desire to connect with a Christian community again. For this, I rejoice!

I also know that there are countless others just like her, in our neighborhoods, schools, places of work that are waiting for a safe, welcoming, inclusive, non-judgmental place to connect in meaningful Christian community. How will we make space for them at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church?

I hope you will gather Sunday morning as we celebrate the Grace of God in Jesus Christ together at 10:30 a.m. Whether you can be here in person or online, we celebrate your life among us. What a gift we have in Christ-centered community!

My new friend, and someone many of you already know, Rev. Miquell Mack will be preaching in my absence. Please welcome him and the word he brings to us.

Grace and Peace,