Touch and See

Happy Week 3 of Easter! 

This Easter, as we engage and learn from scripture, we look at ways we can live the resurrection in our lives and be ambassadors of that resurrection to the world.  This Sunday is a continuation of the previous week’s theme. The story of Thomas from last week had an emphasis on seeing; here it is on touching.  

In our reading for today, taken from Luke 24:36b-48, Jesus is trying to ground the disciples’ faith in the reality of his presence, in the concreteness of his being.  He reaches their hearts, not through magic tricks, a dramatic stage performance, and spectacle, but instead He tells them to touch him; he eats in front of them. In doing this, He is announcing that he is real, not pie in the sky by and by.  

The question for us is: What can we provide, what hands-on proof can we give that Jesus is alive among us?  With the remnants of the pandemic around us still, touching might be problematic.  Perhaps making contact or making an impact would be a way of understanding touching in this new world in which we live.  What are the communities around us in which we can make an impact for Christ? Where can we connect with real people with real needs, people who are on the margins of our society?  Where can we connect with communities looked down upon by many, but that could be lifted by our attention, our touch?  We’ll explore that as we read from the Gospel of Luke’s Easter stories. 


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