What’s In A Name?

Happy Second Sunday after Epiphany!  

Prospective parents spend countless hours every year trying to decide on just the right name for an expected child. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” doesn’t ring true. We want just the right moniker for our progeny. Why? What’s so important about a name anyway?  

This Sunday we read from the prophet Isaiah, Chapter 62:1-5.  It’s a passage full of illustrations that Isaiah makes to help his congregation appreciate the good things God has for those who remain faithful in the face of adversity.  The central illustrations in this passage involve names that Israel will be called at the fulfillment of God’s promise, evoking images of peace, partnership, prosperity, and goodness.  So, what’s your name to God, and what does it mean?  How has God changed your name through salvation and his promise of partnership with you?  It’s not just an imagination exercise, it’s a way to tell our stories to those who don’t know God.  We’ll talk about living our faith and our faith-names as we read from Isaiah and reflect on some important named figures in the faith – namely Martin Luther King, Jr.. 

Sunday’s Livestream Service at 10:30—We recommend logging into your Facebook account a few minutes before 10:30 am so you can troubleshoot any issues you might have. You can access the service at stpaulsworship.org You can chat once the Livestream service has started. If you don’t have a Facebook account you can also access the Livestream at stpaulsworship.org without the chat feature. A pop-up will ask you to log in and in small letters at the bottom you can click “Not Now” and still be able to watch the service. The service will be available on YouTube either Sunday afternoon or Monday. 

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Our regular Children’s ministries include the nursery, SPKidz, and iClub.  They are currently meeting at 10:15 am in the Fellowship Hall.  

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