Where Will the Spirit Go Next?

Happy Pentecost!  

As we end the Easter season, a new reality arrives, just as Jesus promised.  You can read the story in Acts Chapter 2, where the promised Holy Spirit comes and invigorates God’s ministry to the world through Jesus and the Disciples.  It is here that the church begins: the gathered followers of Jesus sent out on mission to be his presence to the world.  This is when it all begins to come together, and the Disciples, together with the newly baptized believers, begin to usher in the new reality of the Kingdom of God. 

And so here we sit, some 2,000 years later, wondering what to do with ourselves.  We hear dire predictions of church involvement; we see a decline of church culture into special interest groups who would rather win a victory than tell the world about Jesus’s victory, and we can despair of all the people that gave up on church during the pandemic.  We also have a season of transition going on at St. Paul’s! 

But there is still good news.  Things have looked bleak for Christians before, and they will again.  The question we must really ask ourselves is the question of Pentecost: “Where will the Spirit go next?”  Because there is always something just around the corner if only we are ready to receive it like those disciples during the Day of Pentecost.  Intrigued yet? 

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